Columbia Mountain

Waypoint: 48.346 N 114.098 W
Bearing: 147 deg. at a distance of 15 air miles.
Elevation: 7,234 ft.

Columbia Mountain lies just East of the city of Columbia Falls. It serves as the northern terminus of the Swan Range. The Alpine Trail #7 begins at this mountain, running along the Swan Range Crest for over 50 miles. This is the view from my house.

March 31, 2024. This is the start of Columbia Mountain, Northern tip.

This unnamed peak is right in front of my house. Doris peak is in the background.

November 23rd, 2023

October 21st 2023

July 27th, 2023. Took this image using my telescope and phone. Wanted to know what the top of this peak looked like from my house.

July 14th, 2023

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